Times Top 100, how i hate thee

times top 100 films 2000-2010

a steeming pile

I knew this was going to annoy me-

times top 100

below is a list of 113 films i’ve seen this past decade which i’ve enjoyed more than Hidden (Cache) and the Bourne Ultimatum/Supremacy:

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Synecdoche, New York
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
there will be blood
the royal tenanbaums
the diving bell and the butterfly
city of god
o brother where art thou?
donnie darko
the man who wasn’t there
a cock and bull story
hot fuzz
welcome to colinwood
the 25th hour
man on the moon
little miss sunshine
24 hour party people
before sunset
y tu mama tambien
the fog of war
punch drunk love
code 46
shaun of the dead
no country for old man
the proposition
the mist
iron man
40 year old virgin
a history of violence
being john malcovich
broken flowers
garden state
human nature
in search of a midnight kiss
intolerable cruelty
kiss kiss bang bang
sexy beast
the best that my heart skipped
the orphanage
the inside man
american psycho
blood diamond
knocked up
old school
pirates of the carribean, curse of the black pearl
roger dodger
the prestiege
the wedding crashers
Pan’s Labyrinth
spirited away
2 days in paris
big fish
dead mans shoes
hotel rwanda
in the bedroom
into the wild
let the right one in
lost in translation
master & commander
me you and everyone we know
russian ark
sin city
starter for 10
the class
the darjeeling limited
a very long engagement
away we go
before the devil knows you’re dead
cold mountain
confessions of a dangerous mind
drag me to hell
finding neverland
high fidelity
i love you man
kill bill
man without a past
michael clayton
the bourne identity
the constant gardener
children of men
dave chapelle’s block party
ghost town
half nelson
in good company
one hour photo
road trip
the descent
the pledge
the savages
the station agent
the wrestler
wonder boys
the kingdom


One response to “Times Top 100, how i hate thee

  1. holy shit there are some bad choices. bad santa? children of men? syriana?

    but at least he had the sense not to include panic room.

    and btw, superb job on the graphic.

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