death of xxxdevil

death of xxxdevil

“dear xxxdevil user,

after going back and forth and writing endless begging news which we were forced to because we are simply not able to pay the server bills completely out of our own pockets we have finally decided to abandon the tracker at the end of the month. it was a great time with you and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the community (with their own uploads).”

r.i.p. xxxdevil.”

aaah back in the day before adultbay et al, there was xdevil. it’s a ratio site which means you have to seed as well as leech to keep your account. the giddy thrill of becoming power users (as iamthedemonamon and i were) and the frequent changing of usernames after yet another account was banned. my current connection doesn’t really allow fast rapidshit/netload/hotfile dl’s so i’ve gone back to torrents and signed up again to xdevil and saw that notice. it’s a shame. but i don’t pay for pron.

some of the (hundred or so) comments on the site:

“so sorry to see the place have to shut down… but it does cost money afterall. :(

i have downloaded so much good stuff from this place, i am going to miss it. i wanted to thank all of the uploaders for all their time and effort into making this place one of the best torrent places around…

i guess i leave my ratio as…

join date (121 weeks ago)
last seen (< 1 min ago)
last checked (1 min ago)
address [snipped lol]
max. torrents 10
[given]  – 0    :    [available]  – 10
uploaded 2.03 tb  (daily: 2.44 gb)
downloaded 1.54 tb  (daily: 1.85 gb)
share ratio
class power user

it’s almost unfathomable… 121 weeks, and ive uploaded 2.44gb daily?! wow. i’ll leave the torrents i’m seeding on until the place is gone. you will not be forgotten. take care everybody. :)


“thanks for everything. it was great here with you guys. i will miss you!!! take care.”

“ive bin here for 182 weeks ..

for staff & uppers ; a big danke merci thankyou  gracias dank u ..and i hope to see you pornlovers somewhere else  :handshake:

“thanks for a great community and a great time !

join date (269 weeks ago”

ratio: 6.434
ul: 1.55 tb
dl: 245.96 gb”

there’s also a whole bunch in german/polish.

Thanks for a great community and a great time !

JOIN date (269 weeks ago)


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