you can't do that, you're ruining my life

you can't do this, you're ruining my life

a couple of weeks ago, for about 45mins, i heard and spied on a life changing argument. my flat is double glazed and even by sitting on the floor looking through the letterbox wasn’t enough, so i had to go out the back door, walk round to my neighbours house and listen to the rest through single glazed. we heard everything.

it seems paula had had a few, there was a child mentioned and it looked like he was breaking her heart. she was crying, screaming, pacing up and down, swinging her arms at him and he either stood impassively keeping his voice relatively quiet or backed away, always with his hands held behind his back.

think, well i can’t actually think of one at the moment, of any great drama/love story and the uncomfortable viewing in a film of the inevitable fight. it was all out in the open, with people walking past and they just kept going back and forth along the street.

i’m sure it’s for the best.


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