it’s been a while i admit but i thought i should post something at least.

the reasons for not posting are many and i’ll keep this one short. my hands hurt for a start.

so i’m constantly tired and am working 10 hour days every day. oh, and then i come back home and do another 2-3. suckness.

class is getting better, am bonding with the kids, am glad i’ve got my class and not some of the others and i had an observation on monday – scored a good rating so that was a relief.

found out today some boy i shouted at (and made cry/beg for “another chance”) has some real issues. this is a new one: turns out his mum hired a hit man to kill his dad.

that’s what i thought – but even worse, it happened (ie he’s dead) and she’s currently in prison for it. the boy went into the care of his uncle who’s the brother of the dead guy so pretty much took out all his anger on the child. boy is now somewhere else but as you can imagine, fucked up beyond recognition. but in my defence, he was being a complete dick.

can’t remember whether i’ve written this but there’s a girl in my class with 53% attendence since september. why? because her mum is usually too drunk to take her to school in the morning so she sits on the sofa wearing her school stuff all day, hoping mum will get up. so we’ve starting going to her house to get her and bring her to school. i have to wait with her everyday to see what condition her mum is in before i let her go because last year her mum turned up drunk out of her mind. in a tesco trolley. being pushed by a man she’d just met. the police were called.

other than that things are good. the weeks are flying by and i’m not getting as much cool shit done as i’d hoped but i like the school, am learning to deal with all the new shit that’s coming my way and still getting away with as much as i can.

we’ve got an inset day tomorrow so i’ve got slightly less work to do tonight before school.


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