my scorpion is sadistic fucker.

he tortured that thing.

he tortured that thing.

i bought him some rather large hoppers as a change from his normal diet of medium sized cockroaches they’re about an inch long, about a quarter of his size. he’s been waiting at the front of his hole for a couple of nights which is his way of saying “feed me you fuck”.

so i put one of them in and it just sat by the pool (water dish). i came back into the lounge later on, turned on the light and saw that he’d caught the thing in his right claw (he’s right clawed) and was just holding it near his mouth taking little bites. about half an hour later i noticed that the hopper was still kicking his legs a bit and trying to get away. he spent the best part of two hours eating it, it last about an hour before it stopped moving. i’m just not sure why he didn’t kill it straight away, then eat it. maybe he prefers it to suffer. maybe hoppers taste better if their sweet juices are poured down your throat by their own death throes. maybe because his vivarium faces the computer screen and he’s seen me pick apart nazis/aliens and has grown accustomed to sadistic methods of killing.

the rest of the hoppers remain eerily quiet.

cheers, wiki.

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