i saw a drug deal.

plastic bag

plastic bag

last night i was standing in the cage (a bit at the back of the flat between my door and a large prison-like gate) having a fag when i saw a smartly dressed man walk toward the car park opposite carring a white plastic bag and get in his car. curious and nosey, i watched him get in and turn on the lights. then nothing. i assumed he was on the phone or something so i went back inside to watch something on iplayer. after shooting stars i had another fag and noticed the same car was there with the lights still on. dude then got out holding the same bag and put it into the bin next to the ticket machine and walked away from the car park. i was suspicious already so thought about going and seeing what he was throwing away – the reality of sifting through a strangers rubbish then struck me. as he was walking away another car with a logo i couldn’t really make out drove into the car park. guy gets out, walks over to the ticket machine. i then hear a shoe sharply turning around on the spot and dude is walking back to the car park. guy then pulls out what i assume are the contents of the bag and turns toward his car. dude and guy’s paths cross for a second and they give each other barely a glance. guy gets in his car and leaves in one direction, dude follows him out, heading in the other.

it was nice to see it play out and i wonder: a) if i have a responsibility to report it b) if it’ll happen again c) if somehow i could get involved in a bribery situation d) was i seen and e) whether or not my knees should expect a visit from a bat. although depending on d) it might enable c) – but if b), i could threaten with a) unless the conditions of c) are met and there is no threat of e).

cheers, platform 21


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