der de da, da der duh duh, de duh duh duh da

der de da, da der duh duh, de duh duh duh da

well, summer is almost over. this weekend is the last weekend before i have to start working and i admit it’ll be nice to get back to school. of course i’ve done nothing in terms of planning but there are a few days left to sort that out.

one of the things i’m not particularly good at is giving a shit. case in point – i emailed the other new staff members the other day to see if they’d been into school yet (it’s been open since the 17th). i was under the impression that the caretaker said not to come in until late august anyway because they need to clean the classrooms etc. i got emails back effectively saying “yeah we’ve all been in and almost finished sorting out our classrooms“. oh my. having a completely empty classroom is an exciting prospect, especially my first classroom. but there is a buttload of work to do to make it into a proper ‘learning environment’. all the things i took for granted (laminated things on the walls, nice displays, posters etc) in other schools had a kind of nostalgia attached to them, rather than any real sense of how much work is involved. ie it was more “oh cool, i remember those” than “that’s 15 pages of laminated a4 cut into strips with key english and maths vocabulary on them and stuck to the walls in a place that the children will find helpful“.

so i moseyed into school at about lunchtime yesterday to see a hive of activity and creativeness. and as i worried about being the last one in i realised there is a lot to do. luckily i had an excuse, they were still cleaning my room so i couldn’t do much anyway.

i sat in the computer area and started looking for things for displays. one of the other new teachers is a complete keener and her room is fucking covered in cool shit that’s useful. she said she’d spent about £100 on things and her mum was there helping her make pretty backgrounds for the walls. spending money at this point seems stupid. in fact i had the opposite reaction when i found two awesome rooms. the stationary cupboard and the cleaning cupboard. i could only think how much money i’m going to save on crap over the next year when i can rape the school for fairy liquid and bluetack. don’t get me wrong, i do want to spend money on my classroom and get cool shit, but not yet. i want to settle in, see what feels right. i might buy a plant or two, but nothing more until around xmas i reckon.

the first website i went to was the hubble one. having access to a colour photocopier that prints a3 size is a great thing and i intend to decorate my flat with its spoils. next i got a simpsons character poster made up, then i got a nice mark rothko print done. i also got a couple of topic posters but didn’t do much. things for me to look at and feel relaxed and at home really.

i then spent the next hour listening to a great solid steel radio mix through my classroom amp & speakers whilst arranging tables. it felt good to get something done but today was the big work day, mounting displays.

i went in at 10 and got back at 3 so it was a good amount of work and all the displays are mounted and backed. i’ve sorted out books etc and i just need to start labelling everything in english and french. i was rocking out to the solid steel mix again through my speakers and feel like my classroom is going to dominate once i get a bit more technology in there. like the microphone/headset so i can read stories in cool weird voices. and do class karaoke.

over the weekend i’ve got to plan history, r.e., pshe/seal, p.e. and ict so that’ll suck a big one. but i’ve enjoyed this month off and getting to know my new town. this time next week i would have taught my first official day with my first class.

i can’t wait.


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