don’t mess with 4chan.


well, it's definately her face.

“an unknown christian dating site was recently hacked and whoever responsible managed to gain access to a list of email addresses and passwords. it’s likely the file was posted to anonymous message board 4chan and in doing so, some of its frequenters have begun a rampant attack on facebook, e-store profiles, email accounts and other social networks.

honestly, it’s like a fucking party on /b/ at the moment. i found it on emailsfromcrazypeople and then read an article on thenextweb. by the time i went over to /b/ there were about 200 screenshots of people’s profiles and everytime i refreshed the board, another username and password were posted.

if you don’t know what it is, doug rushkoff wrote a good summing up of 4chan.

cheers, bb.


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