'cumming at you in 3d'

growing up i used to read a series of ‘choose your own adventure’ type books called ‘fighting fantasy‘. they weren’t great but were different enough to hold my attention.

who’d have thought fifteen years later i’d be looking at a post on fleshbot describing the same, well not exactly the same, idea. instead of turn to page 41 to leave the dungeon, it’s press x to show me your ass. there’s an element of (game) play not unlike the sims: chat, joke, friendly hug, chat, compliment, massage, dirty joke, goose, amorous hug, dirty joke, confess attraction, first kiss, kiss, make out, woo-hoo. or something to that effect, each action leading down a number of possible routes and cumming at you has 50,000 customisable scenarios.

the concept is new at least and it’s not another sitcom parody. plus it’s in 3d – i don’t recall ever watching a 3d porno (which seems strange) and holding onto those commemorative 3d glasses iamthedemonamon and i got when we went to watch spy kids 3d was obviously a good idea.

but 3d squirting? not so much.

cheers, fleshbot.


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