i'm sure windows 7 is a lot better

i'm sure windows 7 is a lot better

computer problems, what would my life be like without you.

my brother’s fiancĂ©’s laptop has got the kill screen of death (vista’s version of the bsod) and we’ve spent the last two days trawling forums and trying every fucking thing to get it working.

the main pc is still down with a virus that i haven’t been able to purge and destroy, and even if it was fine, the mobile broadband doesn’t connect anymore (possibly related). i’m using my neighbours broadband still and fighting (and sometimes losing) the temptation to rape the connection.

the xbox has decided to see into the future and stop playing all the files it used to play because it thinks it needs to download an update from xbox live (it hasn’t been able connected to xbl in two years so i don’t know what’s changed).

virgin media called me today to say that they have now had authorisation from my landlord to get the line put in and for the 3rd time i’ve had to give my direct debit details and my payment details. i’ve dealt with 3 different sales reps all of whom have no fucking idea when i’m going to get it but the latest (edward) took the payment and said i don’t live that far away from you, we just need you to sign something i can be round as early as next week. tosser.

and i lost the stylus for my pda.

still, beats doing work. i sat down last night and started planning religious education. thinking of a way to describe the lord’s prayer to a year 4 class and keep their attention is something i’m not able to do. ‘jesus christ and his teachings‘ is the stupidest fucking unit – the teachings of a fictional character that most x-tians don’t follow anyway. sermon on the mount? more like sermon of the cunt.


2 responses to “ksod.

  1. Ahh, I feel justifiably smug about my love of all the Mac goodness, they may be grown up fisher price toys but when was the last time i got a virus, or crashed for that matter. let me think…

  2. you’re right, they don’t crash as often. but it’s hard to crash something encased in bubble wrap. and if you feel a little adventurous or in need of danger, those soothing “you’re doing just fine as you are” messages are a real help i’m sure.

    i live on the edge, the frontier if you will. anything can happen and unfortunately it usually does.

    but it’s all in the game yo.

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