Just met one of my comedy hero’s, we’ve been doing some tests for his new film and when he came in i had to resist the temptation to shout some kind of catchphrase at him or voice my appreciation of quizzlesticks or people place but instead just opted for shaking his hand and having the following exchange-
me: hello Joe
JC: (slightly surprised) Oh hello, have we met before?
me: (apologetic and bumbling) No, no, i’m just a big fan of the podcast and used to love the A&J show

JC: Oh, great, thanks

then after an hour of sitting in a darkened screening room

JC; Nice to meet you, take care
me: cheers, bye now

that’s it, still it broke up the monotony of the normal Monday blues


4 responses to “Stephen!

  1. as first posts go, that’s pretty fucking impressive.

    nicely done.

    when are the coming back to 6music?

    i’m going to watch the dvd again i think. but had to watch this one too.

  2. didn’t have the opportunity to ask him, now i think on it i should’ve also asked him about releasing the whole A&J show series 1-4, ahh L’esprit de l’escalier!

  3. i think it’s like vidz or something – they’ll never get around to it. you can dl a bunch of the old radio shows on bucklesteins website though.

  4. maybe we should create a new category: ‘edthebear meets…’?

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