ah, the summer sales.

ah, the summer sales.

in an effort to save money i took a load of old games into lamestation to get some store credit and find something to occupy the overcast hours. i should obviously be doing school work, but that’ll happen eventually. still feels like i’ve just moved, plus the school stuff is still all in boxes. excuses etc.

the resale value of pc games is ridiculous, i got £1 for games that are less than a year old and they wouldn’t take back far cry 2 because once you ‘activate it’ online the ownership can’t be transferred. so i’m stuck with this shitty game that i’m never going to play. so fuck you, ubisoft. i might add it to the 3 broadband burning pile.

i’ve been alternating between rocking ‘everlong’ by foo fighters, ‘about a girl’ by nirvana and smashing shit up in paradise city. like all guitar hero games there are a couple of good tracks amidst the shit (some might say by oasis, hotel california by eagles etc). the only thing is, back in the pool house i could have the volume up to 11, standing in my pants with the doors open because there was no one around. with neighbours and a window onto a street i’ve been playing fully clothed sitting down. it isn’t the same. i miss spinning around during a solo, raising the guitar above my head after a song and making the devil horns sign when it says ‘you rock’. because i do. and they know it.

i found out my neighbour has a ps3 so we can’t trade shit, but i was over there last night and he likes to blat on cod5 so i think we’ll get along just fine.

cheers, wiki.


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