listen to this.

“fall of efrafa is a heavy atmospheric post hardcore band influenced by the mythological and political overtones in the book ‘watership down’ by richard adams, it is a concept project, a trilogy of records known collectively as ‘the warren of snares’ – owsla, elil and inlé. the narrative follows an iron age society oppressed by a theocratic rule, dying at the hands of ignorant ideology, their struggle to overcome both physical and mental hardship and to strike out against the ultimate enemy, the encroachment of man.”

i imagine at this point you will have marked, painfully, the inclusion of the ‘concept project’ definition and emitted a heavy, collective sigh, as is wholeheartedly appropriate. ‘concept art’ is, customarily as a rule, a paper-thin facade, administered by someone of questionable talent to fraudulently bestow their (knowingly) lackluster handiwork with a prestige otherwise undeserved. as yahtzee would affirm, it habitually carries with it “the stink of the auteur”. not so with fall of efrafa. everything about the ‘warren of snares’ is to be applauded, not least of all (as any ‘artist’ worth their salt would know) that they finished it at all.   

the trilogy now complete, the band are splitting. “because we have now completed the trilogy, which is cyclical, it would not make any sense to add anything else to this. we always planned to break up after ‘inle’, but we have decided to play a few more shows before we call it quits“.  

you can download the entire trilogy, three-plus albums’ worth of exemplary post-hardcore off the official efrafa website, and for free to boot. the lyrics that form the narrative are also there, with asides and additional (possibly essential) mise-en-scene.

and they fucking own live.


4 responses to “listen to this.

  1. i’m confused about the movie. i’ve started listening to elil – not owla. there are 4 parts (owla, elil, tharn, inle) how do i do it?

    he starts talking about rabbits on track 1 though.

  2. iamthedemonamon

    the sequence is owsla, then elil, then inle. tharn is actually a remix of one track from the elil album (dominion theology?) by another group/artist Paper Aeroplane, so it doesn’t really fit in with the cycle per se.

    i hope this helps in deciphering whether the cops knew he was working for internal affairs.

  3. okay that makes sense, cheers yo.
    the page with the music on is brilliant.


    I will have to check them out!

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