god damn car insurance.

£593 a year

£593 a year

i’ve been making calls about my change of address and yesterday afternoon i spoke to my car insurance people, out of courtesy, to let them know where to send junk mail. the woman on the phone goes off the line and says that because i’ve moved to portsmouth my premium has gone up £19 a month. motherfuckers. so i said, what if i got a cheaper quote? they said they don’t match quotes. so i find one for a hundred quid less and phone them back saying “i’ll cancel my policy to save money, aren’t you going to try and keep me as a customer?” (i’ve been with them 2 years). she said no, they can’t offer any incentive. confused, i said “don’t you want my money?” and she said something about not being able to offer better quote this time of year etc. and i have to pay £25 admin fee to cancel.



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