ray the electrician.

you're crackers

the oven broke on saturday and i contacted the landlord this morning who said he would send someone out. at about half three someone arrived, he’s just left with one of my books (war is a racket) about two hours later.

where to start…i can’t actually remember how it started. i was doing the usual attempt to keep the working class person happy with the normal questions and we got chatting about work, portsmouth and the problems with the oven (5 amp fuse couldn’t take the load, swapped for 13 amp). anyway, the conversation started to change topic and he asked if i knew about the mayans. “quite a lot” i think i said. we then had a conversation about the calendars and he started to talk about the calendar defining where we are etc. as time passed our conversation moved from anthropology to economy to histories to conspiracies.

you see – ray is a little bit crackers. some of our conversations about things i made an agreement face and others i had to stop myself from making a “you’re fucking crazy” face. he’d say things like “what if everything you believe in is a lie?” with a look on his face that told me he’d said this to people before and they’d called him crazy or laughed him out of the room. i mean he was noticably anxious. modest diplomat that i am i was able  to steer the conversation back to the ‘proven’ and away from the conspiracy. he also said about david icke, “yeah but if you follow his reasoning all the way through”.

i’ve had a draft sitting in the box on this blog for a while about my life with conspiracies but never got around to finishing the first part. i’d read a lot of what he had, seen the same things and could provide counter arguments against them but i knew they weren’t really getting through because he really “believed” these things. he was calm, reasonable at times and willing to listen as i tried to focus on science and proof and dispell things before he could bring them up in conversation, but towards the end i started to feel sorry for him. i remember the same looks i was making on the faces of friends when i’d tell them ‘the truth’ about xyz.

he was interesting, a good conversationalist but i felt that he was alone in his view of these things. i said something about the crazy people on the forums of conspiracy websites and he said he doesn’t read the forums and just reads the books/articles etc. that’s where his problem lies i think – i got away from all that because i’d read the counter arguments people would make and would provide evidence to shatter the illusion of conspiracy.

ray feels that there is a hidden force behind all actions, wars and economies. a secret power keeping us all repressed. and i have to admit, at some point in my life i probably felt something similar. the unexplained was enough of a hook to bait me to believing crackpots and it wasn’t until science (science. dearest science) and reason that i was able to move away from them.

ray’s 52 and he gave me some things to look up:

phil sneider (guy who claims ufo’s in tunnels, was shot by one etc)

jordan maxwell (illuminati etc)

george green (ufo’s)

bill hicks

george carlin

karl pribham & david bohm (holographic brain)

stanislav grof (altered consciousness)

and he also wrote (with arrows)

abraham lincoln < – > jfk  = coincidences?

i’ve read/watched/heard all of these in my time. this last one i noticed and had to point out the podcast on randomness i posted a while back (the girls and the balloon story).

i only wrote down a couple but i gave him the podcast, rob newman’s history of oil and jared diamond’s ‘guns germs and steel‘.

oh, and he totally looked like alan sugar.

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