round the way.

hms warrior and a sea gull

hms warrior and a sea gull

i’m finally moved in. it feels good, but i’m so exhausted it hasn’t quite hit me yet. i only handed my keys back to my old (now considered crappy) landlord a couple of hours ago. there have been some issues about moving out/in, let’s put it that way. but i’m in. i got back from the pool house had a cold burger (another time) and decided i’d go out and sit on one of the benches across the street and take in the sunset. and i’m glad i did. and yes – it took about 40 shots to get this one.

anyway, as i’m new to portsmouth and don’t really know anyone yet – this is to celebrate a new start:

the internet is better here but i’ve got a lot to do/buy (i’m sitting on a box typing this) and will post when i get a chance.

and kudos to iamthedemonamon, who helped with the sweaty move.

cheers, joe.


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