the dump.

i got back from the dump a couple of hours ago and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. the last time i went to one was probably over fifteen years ago and my brother and i share memories of looking into a big skip whilst dad emptied bin liners full of grass into it. actually i did go to a dump when we had to throw the burning man rubbish away and i took this photo:

it stank.

it stank.

but it wasn’t the same it didn’t feel like a dump. despite us actually dumping rubbish in it. i think we had to pay too.

with the new flat in mind i want to minimise the amount of things i have to lift and it’s the perfect time to clean. sitting in my bedroom for the last couple of years have been my trusty second ever computer and two monitors. there are also a couple of other things that are broken and in the back of my mind i knew i was going to dump them but hung to the lie that i would fix them, sell them etc.

i felt some pride as i tore the useful guts out of my old pc. i’ve had that since about 1997.

it was 400hz of my heart.

it was 400hz of my heart.

we did a lot together. bought just before my gap year, it saw me through university and i upgraded it along the way. it was a great alarm clock in those last few years. since i bought newer, faster desktops it fell by the wayside and the noise from the fan became unputupwithable. so piece by piece i broke her down and used what i could, just recently i gave away the dvd drive to a good home.

they showed me the world and beyond

they showed me the world. and beyond.

the smaller one at the back, the 15″ came with the dell. so i’ve carried that around a long time but as the years went on and i had money to spend on things from the county council noticeboard i upgraded (i also bought a 28″ tv, an amp, speakers, a car, breadmaker, and another computer). so the heaviest 21″ monitor in the world became mine in 2004 and i cursed it every time i had to lift it. it was great while it lasted, but my future is glass screen free.


a full boot.

i also threw out a crappy keyboard and my ergonomic one i’ve had since 1994. it made me the typer i am and i used it practically everyday. but it has a wire and is fairly big so again, needs to be cast out. i’ll always remember those days spent in bed in 2002 typing my dissertation.

driving to the dump i was a bit shocked about how organised it was, how many staff were around and why the fuck i hadn’t thought of this before. it was very clean, had big boards telling you where to put what (from old engine oil to empty gas cannisters) and helpfully arranged in a big loop.

it was a world of once loved small appliances

a world of once loved small appliances

i also threw out a broken coffee maker and a small stereo. i was tempted to start pulling shit out that i might use in the future but decided against it.

how many thousands of hours were spent looking at these screens? we'll never know. and if we did we couldn't really do a lot with that information.

how many thousands of hours were spent looking at these screens? we'll never know. and the information wouldn't really be helpful. seems like a lot to go through.

i thought my goodbyes and left wanting to come back to throw some other shit away. it’s strange how attached i became to the computer, fuck the coffee maker. i think it was because i saw it every day, used it practically every day and learned, laughed and shouted in front of it.

on the way home i also remembered that i needed to buy some boxes for moving, went into staples and let slip a high pitched “what?” when i read the label for 10 boxes. £18.49. fuck that. so i went over to a girl unpacking stock and asked for some spare ones. i struggled out with five good size boxes to my car and felt like i’d won another small victory today.

so, farewell dell. i’ve kept your hard drive so maybe one day you can show me what i’ve forgotten. but until then, we’ll always have (1:43 in)

[a minor point, but because of my connection, it’s taken about 12mins to load that fucking youtube video so i could find the right start point. she starts to sing, but decides to hum. fuck you streisand. meet the parents 2 was shit.]


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