fratton road

have a couple today, but just wanted to pass on the calibre of agents i’m dealing with. one of them called at 8:40 this morning. cheers.

another one just called and advised the property i was interested in was small. the lounge is 10ft by 10ft. he was slick and had all the patter: “this other one is the best property i’ve seen in a long time” “not sure what you do for a living but i’m sure you’re good at it – i rent properties” “i’m not going to lie to you” “it’s near st.mary’s church (i said i didn’t know)…well it’s a big church where you can repent for all your sins” “this one has just come onto the market, the landlord came into the office yesterday, threw the keys on my desk and said get to work” “the first person who sees it will take it”. before the schpiel, i said that i wanted a place in southsea for less than £500 a month. so he comes back with a place in fratton (the same place i sneered at the other day) for £525 a month.

actually that first one just called back to say that they can’t find the keys so they can’t do a viewing. idiots. i’m waiting to hear back if they can find the keys for anything else.


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