that's the hms warrior. apparently.

yep. the sea. and that's some famous ship. hms something.

its been an interesting couple of hours. i went to the letting agents and sat waiting for about 10mins because the guy was running late so that put me right off. we got into his car and drove to the place in fratton which wasn’t all bad, but wasn’t great either. the location was pretty wank and it was going for £525 or something. on the way back i asked about other properties and he said he could show me one for £570 and i said i’d have a look. as we were in the car he also mentioned one for way more and i thought i might as well have a look, since i’m here and my other appointment wasn’t for an hour or so. killing time etc.

so the builders were still in there having lunch when we walked in and this place is so fucking money. its massive compared to the others i’ve seen and way bigger than my flat. the open plan kitchen lounge is wizard and its all brand new. sure its unfurnished and i’ll be completely broke living there but i have to admit, its one of the nicest flats i’ve ever been in. “i’ll take it” i said after about 5mins.

when i thought about a flat in portsmouth i wanted somewhere near portsmouth harbour train station and i could – well, perhaps not me, but someone who was good at throwing could throw something at it and probably get it after a couple of tries. its close is my point.

the downside is, apart from the extortionate rent, its not as close to the chinese supermarket as i wanted but its only a mile away. plus no fibre optic.

so i’ll be staying in for the next two years (my contract) and eating boiled rice but i’m really looking forward to it.


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