i was looking at the stats and noticed that, once again, those erotic books i posted a while back are still being read. caring admin that i am i thought i’d see if i could provide links to more.

i did a search for erotic fiction with a creative commons licence and came across the wikimedia listings. there’s only a few but i wanted to share two very different stories. the first is ‘les liasons dangereuses‘ and is quite tame, i have to say. its only six frames but you can work out the story pretty easily.

liasons dangereuses

liasons dangereuses

the next one is ‘fanny hill‘. i’d never heard of this and am suprised i haven’t because it’s pretty hardcore and was quite the controversy back in 1748. the wikipedia article on the author john cleland is also worth reading – he sounds like a dick. anyway, the frames are graphic to say the least and also a few are confusing because of the dress and the wigs it’s hard to tell who’s banging who.

the frames are too graphic

my favourite is number 4, its classic william.

there’s a bit in the article where he’s accused of being gay because “the passionate descriptions of copulatory acts in fanny hill are written by a man from the point of view of a woman, and the fact that fanny is obsessed by phallic size“. for example:

…and now, disengag’d from the shirt, i saw, with wonder and surprise, what? not the play-thing of a boy, not the weapon of a man, but a maypole of so enormous a standard, that had proportions been observ’d, it must have belong’d to a young giant. its prodigious size made me shrink again; yet i could not, without pleasure, behold, and even ventur’d to feel, such a length, such a breadth of animated ivory! perfectly well turn’d and fashion’d, the proud stiffness of which distended its skin, whose smooth polish and velvet softness might vie with that of the most delicate of our sex, and whose exquisite whiteness was not a little set off by a sprout of black curling hair round the root, through the jetty sprigs of which the fair skin shew’d as in a fine evening you may have remark’d the clear light ether through the branchwork of distant trees over-topping the summit of a hill: then the broad and blueish-cast incarnate of the head, and blue serpentines of its veins, altogether compos’d the most striking assemblage of figure and colours in nature. in short, it stood an object of terror and delight.

i’m reminded of mr. garrison’s ‘valley of the penises‘.

out on the balcony when reginald kissed joanna’s lips her knees went weak. slowly he pulled her top down, exposing her soft, unyielding breasts. just the sight of those breasts made reginald’s penis very hard. his penis was of considerable size and now beads of sweat ran slowly down his penis, making it glisten like a strong swimmer fresh out of the pool. it was a fantastic penis that seemed as strong as a horses leg, but as delicate as a flower wrapped in silk. what a grand, grand, penis. diana’s nipples…

chapter 18.

diana had never slept with another woman before but it was an erotic thought she often fantasised about. and as rebecca’s naked body lay before her, diana couldn’t help but feel aroused. “go on” rebecca said softly “touch me”. diana leaned down slowly and brushed rebecca’s bare stomach with her fingertips. it felt good. like a penis. a soft but sturdy penis that felt warm to the touch. in rebecca’s mind she suddenly felt like she was surrounded by penises, they were all around her, flopping all around and slapping her face. it was as if she were in a redwood forest of penises. they presented themselves tall and mighty around her with-

cheers, wiki.


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