mouse baby.

mouse infant to be precise.

mouse infant to be precise.

over the weekend i got two mice in the traps. i had nothing for ages then all noticed it when i was cleaning the floor. i replaced the trap and within an hour got another one. i thought at the time it was probably the mouse spouse wondering why his/her partner was taking so long bringing back that sweet peanut butter from the suspicious looking block of wood.

this morning i was dragging my feet across the floor and saw a tiny mouse being a dick and just running around in circles near the door to the kitchen. unsure of what to do i went into the kitchen picked up a big bowl with the plan of trapping it until i could think of a suitable execution/release method.

i assumed that this was a now orphaned infant mouse trying to make it in the world. by the time i put on the gloves and got the bowl the mouse had disappeared. which means that as a type there is a rogue mouse shitting, starving and generally being an arse in my flat. i imagine he was going around in circles because he ate some of the poison i leave around but waiting for him to die and then stink out the place so i can retrieve his body is an annoying thought. i checked again when i came in and found a poo, but nothing else.

i can’t wait to move out of this place.


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