dream of dreams.

salvador dali - atomicus

salvador dali - atomicus

a strange thing happened to me a couple of months ago. i wrote it on my to do pile but feel like crossing things off this morning.

i had an incredibly vivid dream, normally only reserved for when i get ill and i wake up sweating in a contorted position, the plastic buttons that duvet in control having been kicked apart during the night. the last time i think was when i puked all over the floor of my bedroom during half term. my dreams are never bad, in fact i’m almost certain i’ve never had a nightmare. i may have had one when i was an infant or something but similarly i don’t recall ever having had a recurring dream. if anything, the worst kind of dreams i get are just mundane ones.

this dream was so good it’s worth me writing about. unfortunately because it was a while back i don’t remember the specifics, but it’s testament to my brain that it remembers anything at all. let me explain.

the best way i can describe the dream was a ‘greatest hits’ or ‘clip show’ of other dreams going back months and a few years. in the dream i was able to passively receive other aspects of past dreams. e.g. i’d be walking along in the dream and people or places i consciously knew were from older dreams, popped in for a few seconds.

the best thing happened the next morning. i woke up feeling great and couldn’t get it out of my head and as i went about my business, triggers brought to my mind the images/sounds in my old dreams. i realise that i’m using the word dream a lot. what i mean is that i’d hear something on the today show, a laugh or something and this would make me remember an old dream where it happened. it was also smells, sounds of doors opening/closing and seeing things as i drove/walked about. it lasted for most of the morning until i stopped being conscious of it.

it was strange, but even now looking at ‘dream of dreams’ on my to do list makes me think it was something rare.


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