a story mountain

my story mountain

i feel sleepy. its been a long, average week but today i had my last ever appraisal and got my grade for the entire course. you’re reading tired words from an o.g. with the highest grade you can get for a pgce and one who got a masters level grade on his dissertation. motherfuckers act like they forgot about dre.

i have to admit, this week i haven’t really given it my all, but managed to get ‘outstanding’ marks for my observations. the other lessons were kind of improvisations, ie i kind of knew what i wanted to teach but didn’t come up with lesson plans other than a few lines. i guess this is what it’s like for all teachers.

its also been a slow week, all the other staff are stressed about the end of term and resentful because i keep mentioning how many day i have until i leave. i’m going to be happy when i walk out that door for the last time but nervous about the ‘leaving’ aspect of it, that is to say i really don’t want to stand up in front of the whole school and get given a present i don’t really want. e.g. last year i was given the ‘asbo book of fairy tales‘ by the class teacher. its still in mint condition and i haven’t even read the blurb. the rough school got me a load of useful stuff (chinese cooking junk) but i’m already worried about my fake smile showing through.

this afternoon was nice, i basically let them go mental for an hour and got into a gunfight with some of the boys. personally i see nothing wrong with children making guns out of technico, but the class teacher doesn’t allow it so when she came in and myles was lying dead on the floor, joshua had two pistols in his pockets and was carrying an assault rifle and i was explaining to joe that technically his would be called a machine pistol not a machine gun, i had some explaining to do. to be honest, i couldn’t really give a fuck at the moment and its starting to show. i felt i was spending too much time playing with technico so threw bouncy balls at children’s heads for a while before we had a contest to see how many books we could balance on our heads.

numerous comments about my ‘blasé’ attitude from the class teacher are starting to piss me off. normally we get on really well but this week i’ve kind of had enough of her needy attitude. i’ve finally realised that she’s happy not to know, and i hate that. what’s the point in having an unanswered question when with some quick internetting we can find out what gif stands for (graphics interchange format).

couple of things worth mentioning:

* in show and tell, james came up and said that the night before his older brother had kicked the football and it smacked him right in the face, his head shot back and the back of it hit the goal post. you’d think the whole class would be laughing out loud – nope. just me.

*taught gym for the first time using the apparatus (climbing bars, benches). lewis ran over to the stack of mats, tripped and face planted into the corner of them. he started bawling his eyes out and i had to tell him off (i was being observed, you have to stamp that shit out etc).

next week is going to be sweet. monday i’m in the new school planning topics for september. tuesday i meet my new class. wednesday i have a career review day (ie an official end to the pgce) and my last day is thursday. so i have one whole day of teaching left.

3:15 on thursday, it’s all over until september.


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