andrew's story

andrew's story

two weeks left, or to be exact, 9 teaching days.

i’m starting to breath easier, see an end in sight for this pgce and look forward to the next year. new town, new job, new stationary cupboard to abuse and hopefully a new laptop from school. plus the whole reward of ‘teaching’ etc.

actually i do want to mention something about that. being back has been fine, but my relationship with my class is so strong i’m able to teach them much better than i’ve ever done before. we were learning about using pounds and pence to solve problems and i asked the children what would help them understand. they said using the school shop so i came up with an awesome couple of lessons where i pretended to be a stupid shopkeeper and they had to show me their working out. it went very well and on the second day i asked a couple to show me their traffic lights (a form of assessment, if they put a green mark next to their work, they get it, orange means ‘sort of’ and red means they’re a tard). the day before ben had been on amber and on the second he went to green. lucy went from red to amber. at that moment it hit me. i did that. i taught them that and my eyes watered a little. with the right thomas newman music or piece of ww2 stock footage i think i could have cried. its a weird feeling. not the same satisfaction as you get bossing kids around, but a feeling of pride and nostalgia. like the wonder years intro or something.

another reason the last couple of weeks hasn’t been so bad is that the student in the classroom opposite was fucking hot (now left, disgraced) and i realised that my teaching assistant is actually do-able. she’s 40, but like sharon stone at 40. i won’t but it’s a nice thought. the hot student had a really bad relationship with the headteacher, my mentor, and they basically fucking hated eachother. of course i was the nodding thing-to-be-talked-at for both women, but the student had a few days off sick the head went mental, called her university and made a complaint, then she had more days off and never came back. hot student told me “in confidence” that the head told her in a meeting that she hated her as a teacher. reer.

i’ve basically been teaching all day everyday (when i wasn’t on school visits) and its been good. we don’t have to write these 4 page lesson plans anymore and no one checks my planning so i get away with writing a few lines here/there. i usually improvise unless i’m being watched. the last time i was at the school i’d have all my iwb presentations ready the night before. this time, i knock them out in the morning. its making me very lazy i have to say but i put it down to knowing the class. and my overall laziness.

as always the small school is full of gossip and infighting. there’s another male supply teacher in year 1 and no one really likes him. he’s a nice guy and we get on but after 15 years teaching he can’t control his class. every teacher and ta has been in there to shut them up, including me. he’s (what i’m told) is quite typical for a male infant teacher, a pussy. all that time shouting at the rough school actually paid off, i’ve got my stare down, can make children cry, and get every ones attention without shouting. admittedly with some children i find it hard to tell them off and keep a straight face (you smile, you’re fucked) but that’s just because of their toothy grin. there was a great moment when the class teacher was telling off these two boys, both of whom were bawling their eyes out and she’s going ape shit. i had to move because it was making me crack up and when they walked away she burst into laughter. you see, telling off children for little things is important, but its often ridiculous. if a kid hits another kid, fine go mental at them, but if they make a lot of noise walking to the toilet they still need to learn not to and its harder to get into the mode.

i’ll miss my class i think, i’ve become very close to practically all of them, apart from the crazy girl (who wrote that story about the man putting a seed in the woman’s mouth and she gets pregnant) – oh, update on that: her parents run and s&m pron website i was told by the class teacher. no wonder she’s fucked up. the arrogant shit’s parents are the problem, they’re a million years old and he’s their only sun, literally. he could shit in their mouths and they’d toss his salad clean. he’s a dick is what i’m saying.

sort of lazy weekend, more than last. that was wank because of the amount of work i had to do, combined with an observation first thing monday morning then my interview in the afternoon. plus i had to fake loads of work i should have been doing and write medium term plans for a new literacy unit.

this weekend i think i’ll make some more spring rolls.


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