this one's fake

this one's fake

zomg i’m so bored. i’ve spent this week working. monday was hours of writing three weeks worth of poetry planning, yesterday was two weeks of maths planning and the next few days are going to be filled with writing my dissertation. i thought i had a couple of thousand words to write, but rereading the hastily put together formative assignment (which the dissertation is based) it looks like i should rewrite quite a bit. on the other hand i might just fuck it off.

i had actually collected good data from the last school but somehow lost all the questionnaires so had to make them up from my limited memory. the main problem is the guidance we’ve been given is from a man who is so vague you can interpret anything he says in practically any way you want, so you’re not really sure what to write to get a passing grade. e.g. in a tutorial i had with john, one of the problems i wanted him to clarify was “is this an academic study or a opinion based essay”, i’d rather the former because i know where i stand. instead john gave me at least three other significant questions to consider: ict coordination for policy, what preparations should be made before introducing technology in class and whether teachers have a duty to understand the effects of technology in the classroom.  that’s a ton of extra reading that i’m really not prepared to do.

one good thing, this is the first half term when i haven’t been ill, but the pain and duvet time seems like a nice holiday right now.


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