my powerpoints rule.

my powerpoints rule.

it’s almost all over.

college finished on last friday, i’ve had the first couple of days this week to work on my main study (read: catching up on feeds, researching scorpion stuff). recently i’ve visited a couple of schools before handing in job applications. there’s about seven weeks left and then i graduate. so a couple of thousand words and an ict presentation are the only things i have to finish. apart from the teaching but that’s easy, first day we went on a school trip in the morning and on friday it was half day inset, basically tidying up classrooms.

we had the usual lectures at college, the last english, maths, science, ict etc. it was all pretty dull. i skipped as much as i could by pretending to visit schools (as did others). i mostly counted down the days until i wouldn’t have to sit in that room again. i wasn’t really paying that much attention i guess but looking through my ‘notes’ i’ve got a couple of quotes to share.

* in english our class group poem was: “one wobbly worm wriggled woefully whilst waiting wistfully wearing white wellies which were wicked”.

* in the same lecture i wrote down “if you can bring your own drink it doesn’t matter what it tastes like”. that was in reference to a curry being organised. and no, i didn’t.

* our last ict lesson was a jackpot of idiocy from laura. she taught a small class maths in front of us as part of the lecture emphasising ict use (she used excel). these are her words, said during her teaching to give you some idea of the looks on our faces: “not a perfect lesson” “it was supposed to be a two” “is it okay this maths lesson so far?” “this is what i’m supposed to do as the teacher, you’ve jumped ahead of me there” “let me explain what i mean” “i’ve asked you to do three things there, probably too much” (now after the lesson to us) “they were clueless frankly” “i had to practice this. i had to remind myself what button to press” “i have no idea how to make this” “i completely misunderstood the child that was explaining the pattern” “i would have been confused as a child” “i don’t know how to answer that” “i don’t know enough about all of them”.

so you can understand the relief i feel knowing i won’t have to go back.

those last couple of weeks of college really sucked as did some of the schools i visited (seg-wayed). one of the better ones, about a thirty minute drive, was like a future school. the way they taught, treated the children, was based on high scope. the reason i didn’t apply? my class would have had 36 children in it. f that in the a. the next school i visited was so small, 40 children in total from reception to year 6. it was a year r/1 class with ten children in it, but it was a bit of a loser school. i went to a nice c of e school very close to me yesterday which i’ve applied for. its a year 5/6 class with 19 in it and is as close to my teaching dream as i’ve found. a small rural school, where i can be king.

being back at school is alright – the first day i tried to walk in with my “fuck your shitty school i’m going to get a better job, i’m going to be polite but don’t think i’ll fucking lift a finger to help you” face. but mainly everyone just avoided the whole ‘you didn’t get the job’ thing. i made a remark to my teacher that i wouldn’t be working that hard because of it and seemed to understand. plus the new teacher will be coming in so there’ll be more awkwardness to share over the next few weeks.

there’s a weird atmosphere when i’m with the headteacher though (my mentor) almost like i’ve turned up to work after being fired and she’s trying to think of another way to put it. i’ll need some more time to root the cause but i’ve got a meeting with her first thing after half term so i’ll try and get her on side then. otherwise i’ll have to work really hard in my observations, whereas i’d just like pity passes.

i’ve got half term to come up with medium term plans for poetry (a silly poems unit) and maths (something about shape) so that’s dull.

can’t wait till july 10th…

cheers, wiki.


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