be interested in this.

“and then there’s the other stuff. storage is basically so cheap it’s nearly free. why not record a constant compressed video stream of everything you look at with those glasses? tag it by location and vocalization — do speech-to-text on your conversation — and by proximity to other people. let your smartphone remember things and jog your memory: you’ll be able to query it with things like, “who was that person sitting at the other side of the table from me in the pike brewery last tuesday evening with the fancy jacket i commented on?” or maybe “what did professor jones say fifteen minutes into their data structures lecture on friday while i was asleep?” i don’t know about you, but I could really do with a prosthetic memory like that — and as our populations age, as more people have to live with dementia, there’ll be huge demand for it. in japan today, the life expectancy of a girl baby is 102 years. which sounds great, until you learn that in japan today, 20% of over-85s have alzheimers.”

charlie’s login 2009 keynote gaming in the world of 2030 speech.

there’s a lot of halting state in there but very interesting read. stick with it.


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