as mentioned i did go to the pet shop yesterday. i came back with a glass tank, substrate, a heating mat, digital thermometer, two cork logs, a water dish and nothing else. i went back to the pet shop today and came back with awesomeness. and some crickets.

me and scorpion arrive home

me and scorpion arrive home

scorpion settling into his new home

scorpion. poolside.

scorpion showing me round

scorpion showing me round the water dish.

he’s a little boy (they double checked because i mentioned i might want another in the future), enjoys hiding under the smaller of the logs, might like eating crickets but i haven’t seen him eat yet, and prefers the cooler side of his crib.

i haven’t named him yet and have a couple of ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

i was thinking: pinchy, stingmo, scorpion the cricket slayer, or your holiness.

if you’d like to know more about the scorpion, read the wiki page on emperor scorpions. or a caresheet on them from amateur entomologist.

and as an added bonus, this is the 301st post. thanks for reading.

cheers, emsworth aquaria and reptiles/wiki.


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