fire by rank.

fire by rank.

a nice long weekend, what better way to spend it than starting a new campaign on etw. i’m playing prussia, one of the hardest starts and i found myself yesterday getting angry and then sulking for about half an hour. i made moves to take over my first region, belonging to sweden, and had just beaten back an army into its city. it was an end of turn so i couldn’t then attack again until the other countries had their go. so what does courland do in its turn? with my army at the fucking gates, they take the city. that pissed me off, then i realised that courland is a protectorate of russia (ie a massive fucking force) against my two region loser state.

i’m about twenty years in and have started expanding in europe but have so many enemies i’m fighting on at least four fronts. denmark can fuck off, as can poland-lithuania. i’m worried about the forged alliance with austria and have just made an example of france. i’m thinking of taking britain but not before i grow some armies, other than the existing ones at each city because i think its all going to go mental soon.

i haven’t even started the other theatres yet. i love this shit.

i’m reminded of when i used to live in the hornet with iamthedemonamon and was playing rome total war. i had the giant map pinned to the wall, bluetack to represent my armies and spent my afternoons at work printing out maps of europe and making strategy for the evenings games. if i’d only got one of those centurion hats.

cheers, games radar.


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