the owl who was afraid of the dark

the owl who was afraid of the dark

i just came back from looking at one of the worst schools i’ve seen. i had the afternoon off so thought i’d better do some more job applications and arrange visits. i made one for a c of e school next week and when i spoke to an inner city one she said i should come this afternoon because the deadline is monday. so i arrived, from the satellite photo the area looked quite nice, but i wish we had streetview in portsmouth. i walk into reception and in the room next door and a bunch of kids are being shouted at. to be fair it wasn’t the best time to go, late on a friday afternoon, the kids are going mental.

anyway, i noticed that the first thing i did when i got back into the car was lock the door.

its been a busy week: science presentation prep, emas, folder hand ins, maths, geography, art, pie corbett, and science presentations this morning.

science presentation prep

i overslept and didn’t get in for about an hour after i was supposed to. the girls in my group weren’t impressed, worst of all, the girl who hates the taste of cum is in the group and she made a big deal of it. she’s a drama student so you can probably imagine the audition-like “is that it?” response to my “sorry i’m late”.


the ethnic minority achievement service again. its normally a good afternoon and we do learn a lot. i was distracted because more people are getting jobs now and on monday i hadn’t put in anymore applications. we learnt about how to involve children in literacy games, using pictures of items and trying to expand their vocabulary. we mainly played games.


all day maths with vicki. it was our last session with her and i had planned to get some applications done, dl some podcasts etc. it was a good day but since i passed my qts maths i couldn’t really give a fuck about teaching it. plus it was all junior stuff and i’d rather be in infants. we sat through some probability videos and did some statistic activities.


by the end of tuesday i was getting nervous about handing in applications so i told my table i’d be taking geography off to get some shit done. i rewrote my personal statement and handed in an application to an infant school and immediately felt better.


i was going to take this off too but we had to hand in our art portfolios so i thought i better, even though i knew it was sculpture. it was three hours of paper maché dogs and trying to do the crosswords on the paper that had been put down on tables. i think my creation is in the boot. we went to hand in our portfolios, sketch books that we’ve been colouring in for ages because we’d been told to make them look great etc and we were told that we didn’t have to give them in after all. what-a-bitch.

pie corbett

this is that literacy guy i mentioned the other post. he’s famous in teaching circles and it was a really good morning session about how to get the best out of children, doing shared writing. a few too many songs to sing for my liking and we spent a good fifteen minutes learning and then performing the actions to ‘the little red chicken’ (or something) in a massive circle of sixty odd people. in the afternoon it kind of dragged but overall i’m glad i went. you can see some of his stuff here.

science presentations

we were the third group in the morning, meaning that we had our first run through at 8am, had another go then we had to watch two other groups then perform. the people in my group are nervous anyway (as they were in the english presentations) but i’m quite calm about them, because we passed the first one. we spent every night this week emailing crap across and finding pictures/quotes etc. cum-girl was particularly annoying this morning, interuptting me during my speech, talking when other groups were presenting and generally being a big fat bitch. obviously we weren’t drama enough for her, all of us being normal, so she kept trying to make dramatic points to things etc. i told her that i’d put it down to nerves after she said i was dressed like a tramp before our presentation, trying to remain calm for the group and knowing full well that i don’t have to work with her again – and in about three weeks, never having to see her again.

i made that picture as part of our powerpoint, my lesson was the sun as a source of light, from the unit 1d: light and dark scheme of work.

so i’m still full from lunch, am looking forward to a long weekend. i hope you are too.


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