before - after

before - after

they’re so crunchy. i’ve got at least sixteen left and they still taste good a couple of hours later.

i also have a buttload of mixture,  so i might make spring rolls tomorrow.

its the same recipe as before, but i used the proper wonton wrappers instead of trying to make my own pastry this time. i’d recommend it.

it took a while but i put on a jared diamond lecture and it went smoothly until the scaldings during deep frying. for some reason about a minute in they really start fizzing and bubbling. i stood most of the way across the kitchen after that and just turned them a couple of times before slotted-spooning out.

i should have done the dipping sauce though.

cheers, gastronomy domine, bb.

[update: what do you think about jared diamond, wemp and isum? cheers, io9]


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