the belly

the belly

what to say.

i might have a belly problem. i’m on about a kg every couple of weeks. i went to the meat counter and asked for another on thursday, the guy said “do you just want the 2.5kg piece?”. i hesitated before saying no.

its so good. its so easy. its so cheap.

i’ve been sticking to the crisp recipe (right) so thought i’d go for some braised yesterday. i knew it was going to be about three hours cooking time but it took me about six hours before i ate.

i got the recipe from chez pim and prepped the ingredients. it calls for a dutch oven which i’ve taken in other recipes to mean casserole dish. i’ve never put my porcelain one directly on the flame before and within about five minutes i heard a massive crack. apparently you can’t do that. its in the bin. i ended up going to tesco and buying a cast iron one (£35) and eventually ate around seven last night. i didn’t have it with noodles though (because i was so hungry and the dish took up most of the stove) opting to have it on wooden board. it was great, but doesn’t look as nice as pim’s.

oh – and in worst.meal.ever. news i had another go at making that kung-ish po. instead of the chilli bean lee kum kee sauce, i tried the chilli garlic sauce. petrified of saltifying my blood even further i just put chicken in cornflour and when browned, added the sauce. nothing else. it looked gross, but i thought – it comes in a jar and the hoisin sauce i used for the pork was nice.

it was the second saltiest thing i’ve ever tasted. next time i go to the supermarket i’m going to talk to mr. tang about it. the bad news is as a leaving present from school they got me a few more jars of the stuff.

cheers, chez pim.


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  1. Great blog, I’ll spread the word.

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