child line

realising that there’s two weeks worth of things to catch up on i probably won’t do the lot, but as a taster – this happened today:

  • first thing this morning, one of the nice, quiet girls in the classroom came up to me and said “look what my mummy did”. she rolled her sleeve up and had three big gash marks across her forearm. i asked how it happened and she said “mummy was giving me a bath last night and she was drunk. she was shaving my arms and cut me.”
  • some kid in another class slammed a door against a staff members head as they were walking through leaving a nasty bruise. he was excluded for four days and his mum was called to come and get him. she declined and said she’d had enough. his dad turned up, went absolutely mental, calling him a “stupid fucking sod”, “worthless piece of shit” etc in front of the other children and staff. the dad dragged him out of school. we later got a report that he took his son round the corner from the school, threw him to the ground and then threw the bike he cycled to school with, onto him. we called the police, social services etc.
  • a mum turned up late to collect her child after school. drunk. again.
  • a dad of one of the kids in my class came up to me after school and asked how he’d behaved. i said he’d been disruptive in assembly twice, but owned up the second time. his dad said that he’d had just about enough and was ready to leave (the family). he then sort of slapped him lightly across the back of the head and face.
  • i’ve been asked to keep a log of one of the boys in my class because his family aren’t washing their children. the other children are now noticing and starting to call them names.
  • oh, and on a lighter note – one of the girls in my class spat on another child in assembly.

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