damn the indians.

damn the whole subcontinent .

i bought etw as a reward for surviving another week of teaching and have played my first full game this weekend. i’m only a few turns in (playing as the brits) and have just taken mysore with too small an army. i’m now spending every turn fighting off skirmishers that are stopping production in my gold and gem mines causing me to lose money. so i have to send in the line infantry, crush the rebellion and try and rebuild before the next round of attacks. meanwhile, without the funds to spend in the americas those bastard hurons are picking away at florida and georgia. i haven’t even started developing london yet.

i can sort of imagine a group of old timers sitting around in 1714 wondering what to do about those blasted maharatta’s and i’m reminded of eddie izzard:

“cause we had it, the british empire, and we lost it by going “oh, do you think so?” and, umm…a lot. and “oh, really? have they?” there was a lot of that towards the end of the empire. “are you sure?”


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