my mouth is dying. and i think i’m going to puke.

imagine a burning sensation so strong combined with the saltiest thing you’ve ever tasted – balancing each other out into a fucking disaster , and the worst thing i have ever put in my mouth. i only ate half a bowl, and that was mainly out of pity.

i knew something was wrong when the egg fried rice i cooked tasted a little funny. the eggs are on the last day so i thought they would be fine.

i was trying a new version of kung po chicken recommended to me by mr. tang. i was using the directions from another kung po and the paste he recommended. it called for salt with the cooking wine (half tsp, marinate) and what i put in must have been close to a tbsp. i wanted some cut chilli’s in for the proper kung po look – he’d already said not to use dried chillies because it would be too strong. so i used fresh ones.

the paste looked okay but as soon as it hit the wok i knew it was going to be fucking spicy. my eyes watered. i was prepared and had some juice standing by. it was straight from the wok so i knew it would be hot. i didn’t expect the salt and almost spat it back into the bowl. i looked again at the original recipe which called for sugar. i went back into the kitchen and heaped a couple of teaspoons into the bowl and mixed it around.

no good.

the worst thing is i’ve got at least three more bowls of this stuff.

[edit – after speaking to ed he recommended looking up a fix, which i did. potatoes are widely suggested, but i don’t have any so the next best thing was ketchup. a ton of it. its not salty any more but is still the spiciest thing i’ve eaten for a while]

cheers, guy.


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