it was unexpected.

it was unexpected.

its the day before the start of the new term. i’ll be teaching from tomorrow for six weeks and am really looking forward to it.

i spent most of last week in my dressing gown having caught another cold/flu from a new set of children/germs. before we broke for half term i agreed to do the maths planning for this week and said i’d have it over to my mentor by tuesday. i let her know it would be late and by friday i was feeling better. we’d already worked out the bare bones of it and i just had to create the filler – i started on friday afternoon and emailed it across a few hours later. i have to admit, it wasn’t my greatest effort but i had some good ideas in there. i was pretty surprised when she sent that email.

i’ve gotten used to doing all the planning for every subject i teach because that was the way it was done in my last placement. they said you’re teaching x, its about y and i got on with it. because there’s more than one year 3 class, i’ve been emailed lesson plans for pretty much the rest of the term so i think i might be rolling on easy street from now on.

there’s something else i’ve realised. i’ve done a weeks worth of planning, but it won’t be just me teaching it. other teachers (and students) will be teaching from it this week too and that’s pretty fucking ninja.

cheers, meg.


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