our last dt lesson

our last dt lesson

the last couple of weeks seem to have gone by pretty fast.

i’m in my second placement now, a very, very different school. more on that after i briefly talk about last week, the couple of days this week i had in college and the last ict lesson – that i taught a part of.

oh, and i made three children do lines yesterday.

“i will listen to the teacher”.

outdoor centre

it was the crazy weather day so only about half the class turned up. it was pretty boring, as expected, and the woman made us go out and collect things from the beach (in minus degree weather, winds etc) so i mostly kicked rocks over with my feet. i found a dead crab. we didn’t really do much, it was a stupid time to go, we should of gone in the summer. i convinced the woman the traffic was bad so i left early. we also went out for “lunch” at a “harvester”. i had a burger (seemed to be the only thing on the menu that didn’t rhyme e.g kickin’ chickin’) and turned down the ‘all you can eat’ salad cart.


i rolled in late (because i knew i could get away with it) to find that our tutor hadn’t arrived either due to the weather. we were all set to leave, he was two hours late, but of course he turned up. we all did other things while he taught us – i read my feeds, other people did their child studies (due next week) and some people just read. it was our last ‘adrian’ maths session. it was weird.

modern languages

i actually overslept and turned up while the woman was speaking in polish. she was a great teacher and spoke a few languages, taught us songs, how to do phonics in french and we did quite a few activities. it was a useful day.

english presentations

we’d known about these for a couple of weeks and my group hadn’t really done that much. i wasn’t that nervous, but others in my group were. we were presenting in the afternoon and spent the morning practising. it was about roald dahl in 21st century education and we hadn’t done that much prep. other groups had activities, songs, games etc for their drama based things, but ours was an actual presentation. for some reason i got really nervous when we did it – partly because my mentor was on the judges panel and she has very high standards (that i knew our group couldn’t meet) and partly because the other groups were waaaaay better than us. we passed though.

inclusive education

this was with the education psychologist and it didn’t really make an impact. i think it was about s.e.n. children and identifying need. struggling to think of what we actually did.

ict for design technology

ron’s final dt lesson and we hooked our fairground ride (see last time) to a control box, used laptops to control it and put lights in etc. to be fair, one guy did most of the work – he’s a take-things-out-of-your-hand kind of guy and the rest of us were just exhausted so just sat about for a few hours. the end result was good and some of the other groups did really well.

child study

i spent most of the weekend and monday either avoiding, or doing my child study. its in on monday and i’ve almost finished it, its just pretty boring. we have to look at two children in our last placement and talk about them, their abilities in core subjects and two non-core. assessing, evidencing, comparing, evaluating all linked together by theory and journals. i should be doing it now in fact.


the last lesson before the practice. once again she was awful. embarrassingly bad. about an hour in, i was looking around my feeds and the course admin came and asked me to come out. i thought bad things until she asked ‘how much did i know about the learning platform?’. i know a lot because a) its easy and b) i’ve been updating my old school website for a few months and taught sessions on how to use it. i cottoned on to the fact that laura (the ict woman) didn’t know what to do and i was asked to teach ‘how to upload a file’ to the rest of the class. the thing is – its easy. ssssssssoooooooooooo easy, but laura can’t do it. i stood up there and said this:

login in with your u/p.

go to ‘my resources’

click ‘add file’

find the file you want

click ‘upload’

that’s it.

i was up there for all of five minutes while in the background laura was sitting making fucking notes on how to do it. she’s had months to try it. she then tried to explain how to use the smart notebook software – but of course she can’t use it so she kept going back to activprimary (made by the company she works for). i’ve since found out (from course graduates) that they’ve been complaining about her for years.

wednesday – first day at the new school.

it was a good day. most of the children are nice, a couple are mental. and i mean mental. one girl will throw herself on the floor thrash her legs, then scream and cry. she crawls under the tables, pretends to be a cat (meows and everything). luckily she gets sent to ‘provision’ all the time so she’s hardly around. another boy walk around pinching the other children, making weird noises at them, making scary faces, repeating what you say – plus he’s a complete idiot. he will look at you. just look at you and try to carry on with what he’s doing. he’s a loud breather, fat and looks like the last time he slept was a few months ago. of course no one wants to sit near him so they all move away, then he goes mental. he gets sent to provision too. and i haven’t even got the worst of them. the other student in year three has two psychos. one runs up and down the classroom and climbs the door, the other runs out when he wants and lies down under a bench.

the first lesson was ict which was good as the kids had all been told by the last student i was “a computer whizz”. i read a story after the lesson (mr chatterbox) that they really liked and helped out in maths, took the register etc. just trying to get to know the children and settle in really. in the afternoon we (year three staff and students) all did planning for next term so i spent most of the time thinking of ideas on how to teach ‘data collection’ in maths and things to do with the egyptians.

the school is completely different to my last one. its massive, kids are everywhere and there’s loads of support staff. the learning support assistant in my class seems to be a bitch. my last placement – she was amazing. would do anything, really cheery all the time, really helpful, great with the kids etc. this one shouts at them. she’s a local pompey woman, looks incredibly unhappy with her life – wouldn’t look out of place propping up the bar as an ugly extra in eastenders. i walked past her in the corridor later that afternoon, blanked me. oh, and when a kid came up to me to ask if i could cut out his egyptian mask i told him he could do it and gave him the scissors. i slowly walked him through lining up the cardboard etc – she shouts out something like “don’t bovver, he won’t be able to do it”. great for that kids self esteem.


i decided that i won’t be going for a job at the school after yesterday. not because its a bad school – its just not my school. “this guy…he’s not my kinda guy” type thing.

the kids (apart from the two) are great. sweet, funny, smart and fun – plus they like me which is a good thing if i’m going to be teaching them. yesterday morning they were making egyptian purses and one kid asked if i’d heard about the mummies they found and i went on about how amazing it was, how long they’d been buried etc. i suggested that in half term he ask his parents to take him to the british museum in london. he replied “can’t do that”. i said “oh” and he told me that he has four other brothers and a sister. “oooohhhh” i said. then he said “yeah, and me dad’s got nine kids too”. good old portsmouth.

the class teacher was being observed for maths and she was very, very nervous and i helped as much as i could. it all turned out okay in the end but i struggled with some of the children’s behaviour and where to draw the line/raise your voice etc.

after lunch it was pe and a couple of the children were acting up so i was asked to take them back to the classroom and do something “really boring” – i said there were pencils to be sharpened and was told to make them do lines instead. so i did. it didn’t feel good, but i think it worked.


today was long. the morning was especially long. it was all going well, they were doing their topic work and designing purses to make and what elements they wanted to include. i had to deal with catgirl and wasn’t sure what to do but i’d spoken to the teacher by then and felt more confident. she started off saying she was going to puke everywhere, for about twenty minutes and disrupting everyone but i eventually got her to help me help other children. that worked for a while until the other mental kid, the fat one, fell off his chair. we all laughed and he was smiling. suddenly he just burst into a screaming fit about how another kid took his pencil and went crazy. luckily some of the provision workers were right outside at the time and they had to restrain him, but took him away none the less. the rest of the morning was spent in maths/literacy trying to get catgirl to do something but not give her any more attention than any other child. and thats the key. you can’t treat them differently. at all. they have warnings like everyone else and its a strict policy thats enforced. it works well, because if they’re acting crazy, they are taken out so the other children can learn.

because its half term next week we didn’t do much in the afternoon but i did get to read to them again for a while. they played games in the afternoon for golden time and another kid from a class came in to join. he looked like something out of a charles dickens nightmare – really dirty clothes and face, mean look in his eyes. he spent a few minutes smashing pieces of lego over his head.

i’m tired and still have my child study to finish so i’m taking the night off. again.

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