on my way.

not mine. yet.

why i fucking love being alive in the 21st century.

e and k are currently on holiday in laos. i’ve been following their travels using wikitravel and flickr et al (for other peoples photos of the area). i would be using gearth but my connection isn’t good enough at home.

i’m sitting following my sunday routine, digesting my feeds.

digsby pops up with an email from e. he tells me they’ve just done a laotian cooking course and made the most amazing dish called mok pa.

i google it, find (of course), laocook blog with video instruction (with a-team intro, by a guy with a london accent).

one of the ingredients is banana leaf. unlikely they sell it in a supermarket, so i google ‘asian supermarket portsmouth’ and find ‘akrams oriental supermarket’ in southsea.

i skype them, speak to the guy and find out they do sell them (frozen).

i get the postcode and its sitting in my satnav waiting to go.

its taken 5mins.

i’m in my dressing gown with a coffee.

damn straight.

cheers, e/laocook.

[edit – an hour and a half later]

thanks ahkram

just have to defrost the banana leaves


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