'adollf'. ha.

another week, another weekend of work to avoid. there’s only a couple of weeks left before i go into my new school and i’m really looking forward to it. i spent some time with my new class teacher and found out our new topic is egypt. awesome.

this week i’ve had: english presentation prep time, art, writing assignments, history, planning with mentors, english and design and technology. i’ve came back yesterday from my old school after going in with a lot of chinese food i cooked the night before as part of their cultural week banquet. it went down well.

oh, and i’ve sort of got a teaching job in september.

english presentation prep time

thursday next week my group is doing its presentation on ‘roald dahl’ and his relevancy in education today (or something along those lines). we had some time to sort things out. a nice late start and we organised how we wanted to split the 20mins up.there wasn’t a lot to it and we spent the last half an hour playing games on the roald dahl website.


cathy is strange. she’s one of the only teachers where we can openly criticise her lesson (“why are we doing this?” etc) and find her standing behind us and she won’t say anything. we were supposed to bring in magazines to use for collages (no one did) so instead spent about 20mins rearranging white paper strips on a piece of black card to show something about form. or space. or lines. at one point someone made a joke about ‘nuns’ and a few bad jokes were added ‘i’m having none of this’, ‘break this habit’ etc – cathy laughed along with us and about 10mins later said ‘i’m having nun of this’ and said how she’d been trying to think of one for about 10mins. we all looked at each other. we the rest of the three hours being “creative” with our work and putting it in our sketchbooks.

writing assignments

i used to think john was an intelligent speaker. he is intelligent but is not engaging. this means sitting, staring and wondering wtf he’s talking about. we keep tallies of his habits (using his hand to air-write, using references from the 60’s no one gets) and near the end of the session he asked us what we thought of the morning. we have a big assignment due in a couple of weeks and this guy was trying to teach us about the assignment due in may. so no one was listening – in fact i wrote about four sides on the latter. to seem interested i asked a question and he said something like “don’t worry, the research isn’t that important” to which i replied something like “so you’re saying i won’t be published in the lancet”. one person laughed. it was supposed to be “good as gould“.


the d-day museum visit in portsmouth. it was interesting. there were weird, scary models (see above) and we had to think of things to do with kids, structure a day, devise activities and play dress up in ‘home front’ old timey clothes. there are a few guest books as you come out of the the ‘tapestry’ bit (some of the panels were awesome), each labelled things like 6th june 1944, far and middle east etc. i sat for about 20mins and read great things by the people who were there, quite a few saying something like “captain smith, landed on juno, was there when we took berlin”. it was cool.

overlord embroidery

overlord embroidery

after the visit i went to my new school to have a look around. i met up with meg, my new mentor and she gave me a tour. its a nice place, lots of corridors and the classroom has a door so it feels like a school. i like the new classroom, its a bit plain but i’ll have a go at changing that. i also learnt that i have two children who are ‘special’ and spend a lot of time in the ‘special’ behaviour unit. errr.

planning with mentors

this was in a training centre somewhere and was kind of a mix of parents evening, a job interview and french exchange – with us all looking for “ours” and trying to stay on best behaviour. the morning was spent doing ‘art and literacy’ (with cathy) in groups and saying things about paintings and describing characters etc. it was mostly stuff we’d all done before, including the mentors. we then had to role play (in groups) the artist of a piece and other relations to him, trying to sell it to an art gallery owner. most groups presented the artist, a bank manager, a therapist, a family member etc. shit sandwich got up and spoke about ‘her’ piece entitled “ejaculation”. now remember, this is in a room full of teachers and students and i wasn’t the only one who felt uncomfortable, but most people laughed. it was weird. anyway, the groups continued to present and it got to a guy on the course called matt. he managed to stun us. he was talking about a painting with black boxes on a white canvas and was ‘selling’ to the owner (cathy, an old scottish woman). he was improvising and said something along the lines of “you need your box filled” and then “these lines, like your lines, are like a gash…” jaws dropped. our group did ours, it was okay, i was a psychiastrist to meg’s hippy artist. i made a joke about it curing depression and recommending everyone check their dsm’s. one person laughed.  i’ve learnt my lesson now. i guess what george meyer says is true “clever is the eunuch version of funny”.


jack. the best way to describe him is the father of the bride at a wedding, giving a very long, dull speech. we all like and respect him but we all just want him to finish the toast so we can put our arms down and stop paying attention. jack’s speeches are three hours long. the guy is almost pathologically incapable of finishing one point without starting two others and my table had to stifle laughs a few times because someone would ask a question – 5mins later he’d move on to something else and know one could tell if he actually said anything to answer it. in the afternoon we reworked our english presentations (jack gave us some really good ideas) and we left early.


ron. that should be enough. it was great, we had to make something with two moving parts and had glue guns, hacksaws and loads of materials to use. our group went with a fairground ride. i only stayed for the morning part and we got quite a lot done. i got sent a photo of the finished product:



in the afternoon i went off to my old school and did the banquet. it was good and i got to spend some time getting information about one of my assignments. while i was in the photocopier room the headteacher came in and closed the door. she said that one of the teachers was leaving as soon as she could find another job. i had mentioned i would be looking for supply teacher work after the course and so thought she was going to offer that (i’d have been flattered enough). instead she said that if the year 1 teacher goes – the job is mine.

it feels good.

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