gemma louise anne blah.

our story begins.

our story begins.

so i was on my way back from london on saturday afternoon after misjudging train times. platform 18, my old friend.

i was looking at the boards to see what time i was leaving victoria and i noticed some dude in front of me being asked by some girl for money and he said something like “i don’t have any change, sorry”. as you can probably guess i spent the next few minutes in an elaborate avoidance routine keeping one eye on the time and the other on the location of said tramp. with the polished floor i was reminded of ice skating for some reason. i think she got the point. strange thing, some dude must have had a crisis of conscience because i see him giving tramp money a couple of minutes later during one of my well planned fakes-to-the-left.

i head towards the train soon after and realise some dude is getting on the same train. he gets on the same carriage as me and he sits right in front of me in the next double seat (ie his back is to me). some dude is wearing a suit and i find out from eavesdropping later that he’s been in meetings all day.

he gets his laptop out and i peer through the seating gap to compare his to my own, so to speak, and i realise some dude is odd. his desktop picture is a forest scene with giant white writing on that says something like “its 2015. i’m 30 years old. i’m working at xxxxxx. i’m married to xxxxxx”. i couldn’t make out all of it despite repeated attempts to crane my neck. i thought maybe its some weird business motivational mantra i’m too lazy to have been allowed to know about. a cursory scroogle search revealed nothing.

he spends the next 15-20mins on facebook. stalking, on facebook. gemma stalking, to be precise. most of (if not all) of her photos were scrutinised and i was confused because the photos were just of her, they weren’t exciting and she’s not particularly attractive (plain. tap water comes to mind) –  there wasn’t much to see is my point. i know what you’re thinking and yes i was also watching him but by this point i could hardly concentrate on my book could i? me neither. while i was subtlety observing him over the book rim, i too was being watched by another woman who could see me through the same seat gap, facing the other way, looking at his screen. a strange feeling of voyeurism came over me, as a voyeur, but also having two other voyeurs in the mix, one of whom was techno-voyeuring.

after some forgettable calls he phones another dude to ask about “the gossip on gemma” and i can’t make out the details but she reminds him of lucinda blah. he also checked her facebook page but in between his gemma stares. turns out he and lucinda had a bad break up and he doesn’t want to go down that road again. he makes a few comments about gemma being too posh (i think) and that she’s too keen (having texted him five times already today, him replying once).

i’m sorry to say that’s where it ends. my interest waned when he got on with some work so i got back to finishing my book.


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