contemporise, man. (updated)

desktop 2.0

desktop 2009 2.0

i’ve been tinkering around with objectdockplus this last week and am getting close to total metadata domination.

i’ve added: picasa, digsby, autogk, rainmeter (with hudvision), keepass.
i love being a geek.
oh, and i found out the artwork below was done by chiara bautista (aka milk). she’s very good.
desktop 2009

desktop 2009

new year, new look.

theme is area o4.2.

i’m using:

objectdock plus: firefox, feeddemon, winamp, vlc, utorrent, cs2, mobilebroadband, nero, palmone, dvdshrink, dvddecrypter, multitimer, hdmonitor

also: snagit, clamwin, atomicalarmclock, comodopro, daemontools, tomtomhome

and a few others infrequently.

i got the picture from /wg/, don’t know who its by (if its yours and you want me to take it down, let me know)



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