took about an hour, on and off.

yes i was bored

i’ve got the day off. there were some scheduling issues apparently. score.

this week i’ve had book reviews, art, writing assignments, maths, ar&r, literacy planning, geography and numeracy planning. and yes, its been another snorefest, but now with added cretinism. maybe its because i’m not part of the facebook group; but the current ‘beard growing competition’ (no, i’m not) and ‘who can hold their hand under the cold tap for the longest’ competition strike me as retarded. luckily i’ve worked out that two lecturers don’t seem to care if i have my laptop out in their lessons so i can escape to sense.

book reviews

this was cool. we went to the school library service and had an interesting morning talking about children’s books, authors and how to get materials. caroline, the teacher, was very good and it felt like we actually did something. a couple of picks i can remember: the incredible book eating boy, captain abdul’s little treasure and hey little ant.


we went to another school to do this one and worked in the art area. we did print making or printing i can’t remember, but i do remember she made a point of saying there was a difference. firstly we did rubbings of things in the classroom. for thirty minutes. after, oh lets say five minutes, we all got it. we then did finger printing and other printing for the next couple of hours. it was easy and repetitive. my favourite bit was right at the end after we had sat through half an hour of of her showing us examples of printed paper (and a series of yawns, deep, long exhales etc)  she asked if we wanted to see anymore. silence. “i take it you want to go” she asked the class. silence and stares. we left.

writing assignments

johns is a very intelligent man but it was pointed out to me that this guy has an inability to stay on a point and the reason his lectures are three hours instead of one is that he cannot maintain a train of thought. we looked at our child study’s (due in next month) and how to write them, it was all pretty straightforward.


we got handed another test to do, but its not in for a couple of weeks. same as before, but a few more questions. its still hard though, trying to remember how to find the area of a circle, what a polyhedron is and what the chances of cutting a red card below five are in a deck of cards. we had an hour for that and spent the next two hours doing proportions and scale. thats something i find quite easy so i was able to spend the time downloading podcasts that seemed interesting from the bbc website.


my old friend shit sandwich. we had handed in our ar&r files last week and got them back. marked. my relationship with shit sandwich is complicated, but its based on her being a bitch. i had predicted i would be asked to speak to her about my file and i was correct. she basically said my paperwork was lame and i need to be better organised and i replied that i know this, but because it wasn’t being passed to another student taking my place at the school, i felt i could let it slide. its not part of the final grade so i’m not worried.

she started the lesson off by asking us why we hadn’t followed her instructions, why we were all making the same mistakes about tracking children, to which we replied – you didn’t tell us anything about it.the rest of the morning we were talking about tracking and assessing children. and targets and levels. and expectations and guidance. at some point she made a comment to the class that sounded like we were asking too many questions, she couldn’t understand why we didn’t get what she was saying and we didn’t have time for this. that was the second time a teacher has told us we ask too many questions. we would have had ‘time for all of this’ if shit sandwich didn’t give us a forty minute coffee break for a three hour lecture.

literacy planning

shit sandwich again. i had already done planning phases in my teaching practice so i knew what we were doing so tried to spend the afternoon catching up on feeds but was asked to put the laptop away. lame.


epic space battle. that’s what i drew in the end. the lesson was taught by amanda (the one who teaches a ghost class a few feet above our heads) and it was lame. another hour lesson stretched into three so i was able to develop my initial drawing into a scene of chaos. its geography after all. plus the fact that her entire lesson was printed and given to us on handouts doesn’t help me pay attention. she had a couple of good quotes i wrote down: “plan for the unexpected – as in don’t plan” and “its explicit in as much as its very vague”. she made the mistake of saying you could play a game with a class e.g. seeing how many words you can make out of afghanistan. it was all over at that point. i was proud of ‘angst’ and ‘faint’.

numeracy planning

chatty. that’s her nickname. she talks very fast and very a lot. i’d also done in practice what we were learning and she also didn’t seem to mind me having the laptop out so i installed a bunch of new software and tried to get around the content filter to put ‘geometry wars’ on.

i’m off to the bett show tomorrow which should be really good. i’m also starting to think about applications for jobs.

that reminds me, i saw a job for a post in a c of e controlled school in petworth. a lovely little village school with amazing views, just what i want. i looked at the ‘our aims’ section. most schools say things like ‘to create a blah and blah learning environment’ or ‘to prepare children for blah’. not this school:

to follow the life and teachings of jesus christ.

i almost blotzed.


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