aah memories

fireman sham

those were the days. and they will be again, but between then and now i’ve got about a month of college (theory), seven weeks in another school then its back to the glory that was key stage 1.

as you can tell i had a great time. i finished with a ‘good’ rating and got the highest mark you can get in my last observation (science – electricity). in fact, i got a higher mark than the class teacher when she had her observation. collars were popped.

unfortunately i’m back at college and its kind of like being on a bus full of england supporters – some are loud, some are obnoxious and one girl raised as a point of discussion during lunch that “cum makes me gag”. funnily, i’ll be working in the same school as her next placement so its quite a journey i’m on folks. i just sit back, quietly and exchange faces with the others in a similar position.

its boring.

the photo was on one of the last days where the fireservice came to give a talk. it was good fun and of course they needed a volunteer. the children got to spray the hose (not the big one). i felt i had to volunteer because a) it looked fun and b) i had already turned down being father xmas. yes, humbug. you see the previous father xmas died about three days before he was supposed to show up so they needed a replacement. i was too scared that i wouldn’t be in character (i said things like “what are your parents getting you for xmas – i mean father xmas” etc). the replacement was very good.

by the end of my placement i was dominating. the lessons i was good at i was very good at and those i wasn’t, we didn’t get around to. you see, in KS1 christmas is a magical time for children and pretty much the whole of december is spent making xmas decorations and angel cards. i had to teach re and it was pretty dull. plus, i got in trouble for putting “god” in quote marks on my iwb display. the only lessons i didn’t teach were music and art because we ran out of time. i’ll do it next placement.

i spent about two weeks teaching them ‘traditional tales’ which meant little red riding hood and different versions (vegetarian wolf etc). i did a whole thing on robots and electricity which was fantastic. most of them made a good robot (from junk) and we put working circuits in them.


its a dog

some other highlights: the girl who called me mr. skunk because she can’t pronounce my name, the kid who crapped himself, the kid who couldn’t think of a number higher than 256, the kid who when asked “what do angels wear” he said “high heels”, the farts – which i still find funny, the xmas present i got from one kid which was possibly the worst smelling aftershave available and that i bought my mentor an expensive box of chocolates as a thank you and was later told that she is anorexic. there are more, but it was good times – trust me.

i’ve still got a long way to go and a lot to learn but being at college feels like taking a step back. all the ideas, criticisms and pedagogies i had learnt were fresh in my mind a month ago. i knew where i was going wrong and looked forward to trying to fix it but i think i’m going to have to spend some time relearning how to teach.

this week i had: some assignments due, ict, pshe, my last re session, a couple of recruitment talks, english and a disappointing science lesson.

i’m about to start writing the evaluations i was supposed to do of lessons in the last practice. i’ve done 17 and am supposed to have 35.



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