i’ve been playing too much fallout 3.

i would be alternating with fable II but i’m too scared to put anything into my 360 because it seems to read disks by licking them with steel wool.


2 responses to “play.

  1. Me too. Played a whole game with good karma, started over, got a little bored with that and re-started playing as a jerkwad. Actually having more fun that way. I have wayyyyy too much time invested in this thing.

  2. i did it the other way round, started off as a jerkwad, replayed as nice guy. jerkwad is more fun but the rewards aren’t as good i don’t think.
    had to say sad farewells after losing star paladin cross and charon but dogmeat is still a man’s best friend (he’s level 16 too…)
    looking forward to the dl content.

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