somehow, the end of music videos.

there are many things we could talk about:

the lyrics – what was she thinking? “this is possibly the most sensitive and private part of my life, i have to express myself, but how?…maybe if i drop this beat”

the video – think about how awkward the call to amlak/flava must have been. “i want you to direct and produce my new single? yeah its another nice smooth track, you’re going to love it. its gonna put your name on the map. what’s it about? errr…”

the cast – poor, poor tomo. that conversation with his agent must have started so hopefully; “hmm – a music video? called ‘daddy’? that sounds okay, and i’m in it all the way through? cool…when do i start?.”

how do you react to her as a fan? “love the new track ifrica! [pause] so…raped as a child huh? are you still in contact with…no, no stupid question”

and lets not forget the comic sans.

cheers, drunkenstepfather/queen ifrica


2 responses to “somehow, the end of music videos.

  1. un-be-fucking-lievable

  2. “stop it daddy”

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