sorry its been quiet the last few days. i’ve had some major connection problems, a pc down and the wankiest installation of a game in my life.

thank you to the call centre in india for helping me sorting it out last night. i actually prefer indian call centres to ones in the uk. they’re always very polite, very patient and i haven’t spoken to one sarcastic asshole yet – plus they always ask if there’s anything else they can help with. i honestly find it easier to understand someone in mumbai than say, glasgow. or liverpool. or newcastle.

after i got the pc up and running i was trying to share my internet connection between xp and vista on mobile broadband (nope). the reason for this was i thought i’d reward myself for the school week with far cry 2 to play during half term (week off baby). i miss the days when you could buy and game and then play it. in these days of ‘pirates’ insane copy protection means that i have to be online to register, check the date i’m playing the game and log the serial number. i hate DRM and far cry 2, like spore, has it up the ass.

so today i finally get it all going and then get the bsod. for those of you considering it, our friends at pirate bay can help you avoid it all.

i’m off to bath, soak these aching muscles (more about that later) and put some distance between me and electricity.

[update: more problems over the weekend, think its all okay now]


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