mr van driessen

mr. van driessen

half way through the last full week before going into school. i can’t wait – i’m in the minority, most people are nervous about the school/kids/mentors/ta’s (teaching assistants) but i feel like i’m pretty prepared. this week: music, ict, maths, learning styles and working with ta’s. and yes, i did have to sing again on monday morning. it was ‘when the saints go marching in’ and it sucked ass.


i had a feeling he had said we were doing theory this time so when i walked in and saw the tables normally arranged i felt relaxed. i thought i could just sit back, doodle and make a few notes on the inevitable powerpoint handout. it turned out he was running late and as i put down my coffee i saw a xylophone being carried past me. within a few minutes we were sitting in a big circle, clapping and warming up. the next couple of hours were doing group performances of songs we composed. one was actualy quite good, we had to come up with ways of making sound with a piece of paper: tearing it, screwing it up, snapping it etc. i held back my question about allowing guitar hero into the classroom – which i regret. patrick pointed us in the direction of sing up as a teaching resource which seems quite good. i came second in the ‘who can hum for the longest’ competition too.


i’ve been using some of my lunchtimes to familiarise myself with the promethean boards so i was pretty prepared. we were doing storybooks and had been told to bring in a cuddly toy and a digital camera. for the afternoon we ran around taking photos of the toy and coming up with a story. our group’s was about a golden tamarin called andy who went back home to brazil. we were allowed five slides and ours was money – i hooked us up ict wise, the girls came up with the script/story. there were a couple of very funny ones – one of the groups took their toy into town and got photos of the it being given change from a cd it bought by a cashier, a photo of it with a policeman, market trader etc. i can’t remember the story. simon and i got asked to stay behind as we were the only two people (out of 25) who put down a grade one on our ict ability sheet for graphics. laura said that on thursday she wants us to lead a couple of groups using drawing4children and colourmagic – basically kids mspaint. d4c is free, colour magic costs £45 – and when i asked her for her copy to play around with she said no because she’s only got one licence. thanks.


all day with adrian again. the usual long day but he did thrown in a few games to keep us entertained. the idiots in the class were pissing us off. one girl kept shouting “i don’t get it”. wtf is there to get? why haven’t you learnt this at home before coming into class so you wouldn’t look like a tard? (like me). we showed him our guided tasks (misconceptions in maths and different ways of understanding maths problems) and talked more about problems kids have. the main focus of the day was decimals and fractions. in the afternoon we played a few more games (fraction bingo rules) and when we got to the loop cards thats all i wanted to do.

learning styles

i’m still not sure what i made of this morning, i didn’t like it i know that, but i did learn a little. it was with mike fleetham and it was in a big hall. there were a few other people from outside there (ta’s) as well as the course manager. this guy basically cracked jokes the whole morning (not very good ones i might add) such as (when talking about his updated presentation) “good news i’ve got three new jokes, bad news is this is one of them”; (when someone yawned) “first yawn of the morning, well done madam” and asked us to give her a round of applause. he then went into talking about comfort zones, growth zones and danger zones. he asked us if we were prisoners, consumers, vacationers in relation to attending the session. it was odd. most of the morning was spent working in groups accomplishing tasks, a hint of team building but not enough to piss me off. we talked about talking and listening, body language, eye movements etc. there was an odd thing where we all lined up facing a partner across the hall and told them what we had learned in the session, then they did the same. the bit that pissed me off was when he started talking about mulitple intelligences (something i don’t really believe in). oh, and he showed a few adverts to demonstrate listening skills but it was more ‘commercial breakdown/tarrant on tv’ than anything else. and he showed that fake picture of george bush holding the book upside down in a school – i groaned.

working with lsa’s

shit sandwich all afternoon. i drew a nice autumn scene and wrote down six points in three hours. it was a waste of time. things like: inform the ta of the lesson plans, thank the ta at the end of the lesson, talk to the ta about how the lesson went, get to know them etc. most of the afternoon was spent with shit sandwich recalling ‘hilarious’ stories about her own ta’s – she told us one of them had a histerectomy and got some nickname i can’t remember, another flirted with her dad at a wedding, one has a feather fetish and a bunch of other irrelevant bullshit. people were cracking jokes the whole time, with her encouragement and it felt like we should have been doing something productive seeing that we’re going into school in less than a week. one good aspect was those in our group who had worked as ta’s last year gave good information on what it was like, but the whole day could have been summed up with ‘be nice’.

tomorrow, playing with graphics in ict and writing assignments in the afternoon.


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