mr belding

mr belding.

how time flies when you’re avoiding homework. its a lazy thursday evening and i’m looking forward to a full day of science tomorrow with ron. this week its been: maths, writing assignments, using a planning proforma, it, tutorials and pe.


it was with vicky something and she was great. enthusiastic and genuinely wanted to help us. her morning was about how to actually get kids involved in maths, different games to play, ‘mental gym’, how to keep their attention etc. it was good fun and taught me a lot about incorporating the nc; where to look for resources and how to play ‘bang bang’ (two kids answering questions in front of class, first to correctly answer says bang bang! winner stays on). oh, and she said she only got 63% on our maths exam which was reassuring.

writing assignments

john blanchard again, i had done some prep and printed out some pages of his book hoping it would help with the writing assignment. it didn’t, but chatting to him is interesting, he gets quite political and i won an argument about the decline of the education system. my point was that it can’t be that bad as we’re all here trying to get into it. the afternoon was spent talking about what makes a good formative assignment (3000 word essay, including an experiment/observation with a class). i also got a big nod from the course director for saying “its only a student assignment, not a white paper”. pop my collar.

using a planning proforma

i wasn’t looking forward to this as it was dealing with cate worral. the n-bomb dropper. she continued to swear and i made sure to write down some of her choice phrases:

“you’ll hear a lot about my family so you’ll understand why i am the way i am”

“my dad calls it a shit sandwich”

“you haven’t got a scooby what that numpty group are doing” (scooby doo = clue i imagine. numpty refers to the special needs children)

“otherwise you could end up having shit on the board”

we ended up doing an actual class, ie we were the pupils, she was getting us to write a poem on a picture called ‘daisy in the garden’ (me neither, and neither does google). it was okay, but again she read word for word what was on the handouts so it felt time wasted. to the point where she would ask ‘what do you write in the lesson number box?’. our group poem (a line each) made of a picked noun, adjective, abstract noun etc was:

hungry leaves were photosynthesising,

willowy trees wavered amongst the delapidation,

the sturdy chimneys smouldered,

the silent hardening slate felt no fear,

the ramshackle church creaked with loneliness.”

yep, mine was the first one. i seemed to be the only one in the entire class who didn’t have a melancholy line – honestly, it stood out like a sore thumb when we read them out. i guess i don’t get poetry. shit sandwich.


yesterday afternoon was good fun, learning about using a promethean interactive whiteboard – they rule. i just wished they’d been around years ago. again, laura was really nice and helpful. i spoke to her about the uniservity issue and discussed a wikispaces site i’m making with her. i’m looking forward to using the boards and it made me think about my formative assignment, “something with computers”.


this morning was a late start, 11am. only me and another guy had booked tutorials so i made a reference to cate’s swearing with the manager and we chatted about the assessment. i took some notes and working afterwards decided that i think i’ll do something relating to either children’s retention of information from technology vs books etc, or something about technology modifying behaviour/attendance. in doing some research, i came across ‘the classroom of the future‘. fuck. yeah.


i dislike pe. i’m slightly worried about teaching it. i was laughed at when i suggested playing ‘fetch’ with the kids, or my idea to copy japanese schools and get everyone doing star jumps for an hour. failing that a marine-esque jog around the field shouting “i don’t know what i’ve been told/sound off one two” etc. the pe woman (cecilia i think) read verbatim what was on her hand outs for three hours and i learnt that you have to teach stuff to kids during pe. seriously. from the handout:

nc requirements – dance activities, games activities (invasion, net/wall, striking & fielding – and no, i suggested capture the flag as invasion, turns out its football), gymnastics activities; and two from swimming, athletics or outdoor/adventurous.

there are ten aspects: spiritual, moral, social, cultural development. communication, application of number, it, working with others, improving own learning and performance, problem solving.

and we’re not even scratching the surface with health and safety.

i know. your expression was mine.

thank god for ron.

cheers, sungsblog.


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