john kimble

john kimble

i’ve just finished my fourth day, and had to write something about this b i met this morning in ‘behaviour management’. she was talking about racism in school and what one child said to another. yep, she dropped the n-bomb.

[edit] i originally thought she was a student turning up late, but this dumpy middle aged woman stood at the front of the class and forced an annoyed expression on my face for almost three full hours.

team building ice breakers for an hour to start about assumptions – a kind of wanky personality bingo. she included herself in this for some reason (her square was ‘published author’). i hate ‘team’ building, always have.

remembering that i couldn’t give you all of the english teachers quotes, i wrote some of hers down. bear in mind it was about not making assumptions. she was describing a male teacher at a school that she said had autism and no one could get on with him – “as soon as i thought ‘rain man’ – i got on with him fine”.

we then spent an hour listing good/bad teacher experiences. virtually every single suggestion from the class of 25 (honestly, there were about two she didn’t comment on) included a personal memory from her own school days or current job. “me/my/i once/i remember/i knew”. it was the worst kind of attention getting – from a captive audience that looks at her as ‘expert’. other than sorting the full/low fat, i got the impression there was little else she was ‘expert’ in.

she also swore. a lot. “tits up”, “bollocking/bollocked” “shit” “bastard” were the ones i wrote down. not great behaviour management. oh, and she told two stories of kids in her class that she caught wanking. one 9yr old girl rubbing herself on a chair (she actually said, [paraphrase]: “and i thought to myself, what a bitch, i wish i could get off that easily”) and a 7yr old boy with his hand down his pants. no advice on what to do.

the session wasn’t a total write-off but the valuable stuff (how would you act in this situation etc) was only a small part.

and then there was ron allen. he was so cool i should only have to tell you that he was part of the design team for ‘launch pad‘ at the science museum for you to understand my love for this man. possibly the best kind of teacher you could want – funny, inspirational, expert, warm and kind.

visit his website (its in need of an update)


a tough one for me admittedly having avoided it since i was 16. the teacher is a nice guy but spends too much time talking and not enough letting us do activities or presenting etc. i am learning – we came up with seven ways to add two numbers together and five to subtract them.

tomorrow – ICT.

happy happy joy joy.


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  1. It’s not a toomuh.

  2. take your toy back to da karpet – and thanks for the comments cbeeson, made my day.

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