die 3 broadband. die.

this thing is so wank i’m not sure where to start. i should apologise for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. this is due to the fact that my ‘broadband’ is a massive pile of shit. the last three days i’ve had zero connection and have already contemplated fire bombing the local three shop. my expectations for connectivity are so low i feel like a father of a dyslexic child at a spelling bee. and its not just me.

this has been my normal day in the last week or so: connect to internet, 5secs later automatically disconnected (regardless of what i’m doing) software then refuses to recognise connected modem, restart computer (repeat). every 5th or so attempt, connect for 1 minute before disconnecting.

i have no idea why its working now, but am glad for the 10kbs speed.


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